Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Restoration Campaign

It is quite difficult to ever get a Constitutional Amendment passed and takes a great deal of time and effort. Therefore those of us who want to end the judicial oligarchy in this nation need to have an immediate campaign to assure that we get our nation back as soon as possible. My proposal is to restore balance by a significant act to discipline the out-of-control judiciary.

I call it the Representative Democracy Restoration Campaign.

The need is to encourage the legislature to recognize that only a significant act to discipline the judiciary will ever get the attention of the arrogant judicial tyrants. They regularly abuse their power and "make law" from the bench. Since they are forbidden by the "balance of powers" provision in the Constitution from "making law", that means they are violating their oath.

They regularly make rulings where every single justice is in violation of the oath. However no one ever calls them on it. What would happen if just once, the legislature took the position that the courts do not have sole authority to define the Constitution? I call it the Restoration Campaign Mass Impeachment option. It will change the balance of powers in a positive way immediately.

The Congress could easily respond to almost any 5 to 4 ruling by impeaching all the justices that voted in the majority. The grounds would be violation of their oath of office to support the Constitution. Where the despotic justices are "making law", they are clearly in violation of the "separation of powers" provision. In most cases nowadays they are also in violation of the "equal rights" provision as they endeavor to assure equal results by stripping some Americans of their rights so as to give them to others.

I propose this Restoration Campaign as the quickest way to slow down the destruction of our representative democracy while we get the
Constitutional Amendment I have proposed passed. Both actions are needed to restore balance to our form of government.

What do you think?


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