Friday, March 18, 2005

Our Justice System Is The Real Criminal

By Bob Weir - March 17th, 2005 - The American Thinker

Thanks to a liberal, permissive system that sacrifices good judgment for political correctness, 3 innocent people are dead. Brian Nichols, a 33 year-old, 6 footer, weighing 200 pounds, with a record of violence, was incarcerated for rape, sodomy, and unlawful imprisonment, for tying up his victim with duct tape and assaulting her for 3 days. He had recently been held over in prison while awaiting a second trial, after the first one ended in a hung jury. Due to the severity of the charges, he was not free on bail, and had spent several months behind bars.

According to the rules, which say that a prisoner must not be brought into court wearing prison attire or handcuffs to avoid prejudicing the jury, Mr. Nichols was escorted to a special room on the same floor as the courtroom so he could change into street clothes and have his handcuffs removed. His escort, a female deputy sheriff, was quickly overpowered and her gun was wrested from her before she was pistol whipped, and left bleeding in a hallway as her desperate prisoner headed for the courtroom with a loaded weapon.

Judges show a slavish adherence to any rules that pretend evil people are protected by rights so that the innocent are protected. This has long since been turned into a mockery of sanity through the stupid application by our judges. Judges have no concern for the innocent when they apply these rules. They recognize that the fat salaries lawyers and judges make in our society are dependent on increasing crime. They do that by defending the revolving door criminal justice system that currently exists. Why else do you think they go beserk when laws such as "three strikes" are passed? What they see is a diminishment of crime that will reduce their totalitarian power, and their ability to run an extortion system.


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