Saturday, July 23, 2005

It Takes A Village ... Of Property Owners

By Larry Elder - July 21, 2005 - World Net Daily

In Connecticut's Kelo v. City of New London case, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, supported the city's use of eminent domain to force a private property owner to sell to a private developer. While conceding that the properties could not reasonably be called "blighted" ......

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, a corrupt government takes productive farmland and gives it to incompetent cronies and relatives of President Robert Mugabe, leaving 4.5 million of the country's 11.6 million people facing starvation in this once-fruitful South African breadbasket. Mugabe recently implemented "Operation Murambatsvina" (drive out trash), seizing and demolishing homes, market stalls and gardens....[that are blighted perhaps?]

We are not far from similar corruption here in America if the justices of our supreme court continue to flaunt their power. The Kelo ruling still leaves a judge incapable of differentiating between an honest belief in the betterment of society, and a claimed belief based on hidden bribes and corruption. How does the court think it will know?

Is their assumption they will know based on the same belief they recently showed in the "Ten Commandments" cases wherein the judge is to devine what the person was thinking at the time a "Ten Commandments" plaque is posted and deny it if, in the persons heart, he really meant it to further religion? Both rulings depend on the judge being psychic. Do you really think any of our judges are truly psychic and able to read minds?


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