Thursday, June 08, 2006

Are You Able To Obey This Law?

by John Stossel - June 7, 2006 -

Some shortsighted employers don't give jobs to people with disabilities, even when the disabled could do the work. Politicians thought the way to stop this discrimination was to make it illegal. That's what politicians tend to do. But in the real world, even Congress can't wish problems away. Their well-intended solutions create nasty unintended consequences. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is proving to be yet another sad example.

Too bad John Stossel did not really think his article through. It is not the legislature making complex laws that is the problem. It is the court system of tyrants that will not allow anyone to enforce the laws with any intelligence that is the problem. No one can ever win when the courts do not think they are responsible for the consquences of their corrupt and inane rulings.

The consequences of the courts in this situation are, as usual, the complete reverse of the legislative intent. Like the corruption with which courts have applied any and all laws trying to protect children from sexual abuse, the result of the disabilities law is worse than the original problem. The more lawsuits over the handicapped, the greater the number of handicapped that are unemployed, and the fewer handicapped there are that actually do these jobs well as they know they cannot be fired. So they flake off and take advantage of their power and employers therefore make sure they never hire others who are handicapped. A cycle only a judge with a power agenda could defend.

Only idiots could mess up our courts as bad as they are messed up. Therefore it is impossible to call our judges anything except . . . IDIOTS!


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