Monday, June 25, 2007

Jailed For Waving At My Daughter

by Jenny Johnston and Rachel Hallwell - June 25th, 2007 - Daily Mail (London)

. . . the story of what happened to the Harris family isn't just another tragic case of broken homes and estrangement. Mark, Lisa and her two younger sisters were wrenched apart by the state.

Mark was not a feckless, irresponsible father. He did not walk out of his children's lives. Rather, he was ordered out by the family courts, and when he objected - insisting it was his right to see them - he was dealt with in a scandalous way.

Mark Harris went to prison for his girls. He was jailed for waving to them after a court order demanded he sever all contact. It was the most shameful chapter in an extraordinary ten-year custody battle.

All over the Western World feminists have waged a war to gain "women's rights" in family courts. All over the Western World they have successfully established the premise that if a woman makes an accusation during a divorce custody battle, that accusation must be presumed truth. In the process, men have had their rights destroyed. In the process, children have had their lives ruined.

Some of the abuses I witnessed first hand while I was a paralegal in family court remind me of the evil miscarriage of justice which occured to the family covered in this article. Like the abusive Title IX, men's rights have been so perverted that nothing remains of the pretense that our system provides equal justice under the law.

Want to know exactly how corrupt our court system is? There is absolutely NO RECOURSE for those whose rights have been destroyed. If you want to assure a system is corrupt, provide total protection for those who abuse the rights of others. In any such system, abuse will be constant, evil and hidden. That is what we find in our current family court system. In issues of divorce and probate of wills justice is almost non-existent.


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