Thursday, February 21, 2008

Second Man Freed By Judge Held On Sex Rap

by Laurel J. Sweet and Jessica Fargen - February 21st, 2008 - Boston Herald

The sexual predator who was busted this week after allegedly stalking a woman inside a Braintree bookstore bathroom was set free by the same judge who sprang another convicted pervert accused of raping a child in a New Bedford library last month.


Moses declined comment yesterday because of Flavell’s pending case, but a statement released by a court spokeswoman said, “The February 2006 decision . . . was based upon substantial testimony of multiple experts who said that Mr. Flavell was not sexually dangerous.”

That statement is typical of the bizarre behavior of our arrogant judges. The statement is totally at odds with the court record. That indicates the judge was "ignoring three expert psychologists who found the Level 3 offender an 'extremely sexually dangerous' predator."

Judges don't think evidence matters though. The general attitude is "justice " is what they say it is. "Truth" is therefore what they say it is as well. The arrogance of this attitude is the reason we no longer get justice in American courts. The "rule of law" means nothing. Our courts are dominated by the "rule of judges". This is how they suppress clear evidence of guilt and free sexual predators (as well as freeing murderers and other criminals) as they decide. Their disdain for public opinion is amazing. Few judges are not regularly guilty of abuse of their power. Even egregious abuse . . . as in this case . . . is rarely overturned.


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