Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Greens Get Harpooned

by Editors - November 13th, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

Justice Ginsburg's dissent is telling about the willful cast of mind on the judicial left about war powers. She does not seem troubled that a nonexistent threat to whales impaired the readiness and effectiveness of the military, which in any case she dismisses as "an alleged risk." Rather, the main offense is the Navy's "rapid, self-serving resort to an office in the White House" and the President's subsequent actions as Commander in Chief.

Such thinking is an indication of where the U.S. is headed if the Supreme Court's composition swings left in the coming years. We are very close to making judges co-Secretaries of Defense ...

The power of a judiciary not limited to anything but their desire to enforce "the rule of judges" leaves our nation at terrible risk. The incredible willingness of conservatives to embrace conservative rulings that should never be allowed, frightens me. There is absolutely no right of the judiciary to decide how to treat prisoners of war! Yet in numerous cases over the status of Guantanamo and its prisoners, the judiciary has seized power to decide what rights these enemies have. THEY ARE ENEMIES OF OUR NATION! They have no rights under our Constitution. Yet we have wasted millions of man-hours arguing how many rights they have and how to protect them from our soldiers. The courts have ruled under what circumstances American soldiers can be required to come in to court and defend their actions on the battlefield. This idiocy seriously jeopardizes the willingness of soldiers to fight, when their actions can be second guessed by people who clearly hate our nation as most liberals seem to do.

Soldiers have been put at risk by the arrogance of our dim witted and power hungry judiciary. This is all about raw power. We are throwing away our freedoms with both hands by electing a socialist President. The most frightening reality is that something may happen to one of the 4 conservatives on our court and we will lose our freedoms forever in an orgy of liberal power rulings. That is what the election of the Magic Marxist Messiah really means.


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