Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Ted Stevens Scandal

Editorial - April 2nd, 2009 - Wall Street Journal

The Justice Department yesterday moved to set aside an October conviction on ethics charges and forgo any future trials for Senator Stevens. He walks free, in other words, an innocent man. In the motion, Justice said it "recently discovered" that prosecutors withheld from the defense notes about an interview last April with the state's star witness, Bill Allen, that contradicted his subsequent testimony. Under the Brady Rule for evidence, Justice was obliged to share that with Senator Stevens's lawyers.

This was one of many prosecutorial missteps that came to light after Mr. Stevens was found guilty less than two weeks before Election Day. The Republican narrowly lost his bid for a seventh term. Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday promised a "thorough" probe into the conduct of prosecutors, which is the least the Department owes Mr. Stevens. The Obama Administration made the political calculation here to walk away from the original mistake made by Bush Justice rather than further embarrass the Department in post-trial hearings.

Actually, the Democrat (never mentioned that did they) career prosecutors had already accomplished what the Democrat Party and Barack Obama had wanted, so why continue? They did not care about what happened to Ted Stevens after he was defeated. They simply wanted the Senate Seat in Democrat hands. They have that. So they won no matter what happens to Stevens now.

Of course they wanted to stop any further publicity. Of course they wanted to avoid a constant reminder that the entire prosecution was a political witch hunt. Further prosecution of Stevens would have done nothing else but help the cause of reminding everyone how corrupt Democrats are.

Republicans, who are too stupid to fight this kind of corrupt dirty war, are focused on getting justice for Stevens. They ought to be focused on the evil corruption of our court system as practiced by liberal-progressive-socialist judges and prosecutors.

Not since the so-called "rogue" prosecutor Mike Nifong was purged from the system have we had such a perfect example of how our court system really works. Rarely do these abuses get prosecuted. Even more rarely do the judges who normally cover them up suffer any consequences at all. What most people just do not seem to get is that outrageous court corruption is actually business as usual.


At 9:14 AM , Blogger Chad said...

Interesting. I guess this explains why Palin stuck her neck out and did the press conference with Stevens last year when pretty much everyone had assumed he was guilty.

At 9:18 AM , Blogger Dean Stephens said...

What is truly interesting is how McCain and other Republicans, supposedly Stevens "good" friends, walked away and ONLY Palin had the guts to defend Stevens.


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