Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Disinformation On Judges

Thomas Sowell - April 26, 2005 - TownHall.com
The courts are the last hope for enacting the liberal agenda because liberals cannot get enough votes to control Congress or most state legislatures. Unelected judges can cut the voters out of the loop and decree liberal dogma as the law of the land.
If you listen to the Main Stream Media they clearly believe that they have defeated the Republicans. The 200 year history of giving judges an up or down vote has been subverted first by the liberal democrats politicizing the courts to get laws passed that they cannot get the people to support. Second, in the face of losing this recent power, they are abandoning the practice of giving judges a vote.

If all you listen to is the MSM democrats appear to be winning the public relations game by LYING repeatedly that they are not changing historical practice, and FALSELY claiming that it is the Republicans who are doing this.

Will they get away with it? Do the democrats really think the American people are that stupid? Thomas Sowell frames the issue in his usual easily readable style.


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