Thursday, July 28, 2005

Muslim Inmate Wins Court Fight

AP Article - July 27, 2005 - Caspar Wyoming Star Tribune
A federal judge has ordered prison officials to allow a Muslim inmate to be fed an appropriate diet and to wear a headpiece consistent with Islamic teachings.

Note the word appropriate above. The judge will issue a very detailed set of instructions that are unreasonable and dictatorial, so that any transgression by any prison official can become the basis for the judge freeing this criminal from jail.

The obvious concern here is because judges only care about the "rights" of people who prey on society. They never display this kind of concern for victims of crime. This judge might not have ruled this way until Muslims launched a war against America. However judges are most concerned when they have someone in jail who is dedicated to destroying our way of life. These are the people they defend with the greatest fervor. They rarely are concerned with the victims of these evil people's crimes. They are always the most solicitous of the most evil of convicted criminals.

Can there be any reason for this consistent pattern other than complete disdain for our nation and a desire to shove "the rule of judges" down our throats? The courts are corrupt. Judges must be impeached until they respect our form of government and the people's rights. We are not a judicial oligarchy.


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