Sunday, July 02, 2006

Court Finds A Right To Jihad In The Constitution

by Mark Steyn - July 2nd, 2006 - The Chicago Times
The U.S. Supreme Court has now blown a hole in the animating principle behind the Geneva Conventions by choosing to elevate an enemy that disdains the laws of war in order to facilitate the bombing of civilian targets and the beheading of individuals. The argument made by Justice John Paul Stevens is an Alice-In-Jihadland ruling that stands the Conventions on their head in order to give words the precise opposite of their plain meaning and intent.

If the totalitarian tyrants of the U.S. Supreme Court were not so powerful, they would be a complete and utter joke. Once again, the lack of any concern for the Constitution is obvious from the decision issued by this pack of evil men (and women). The contempt they show for the intelligence of the American people is exceeded only by the arrogance with which they seize more power to help our enemy.

This ruling makes it clear the only definition their actions can justify is "enemy of the people". It is time the American people start more agressive actions to rid our nation of all judges who are currently serving, while we still have a nation to defend.


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