Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Supreme Farce

by Thomas Sowell - December 12th, 2006 -

Those of us old enough to remember the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education will see a painful irony now, since that case began because a black girl was not allowed to go to a school near where she lived but was instead assigned to a different school far away, because of the prevailing racial dogmas of that day.

The racial dogmas have changed since 1954 but they are still dogmas. And flesh-and-blood children are still being sacrificed on the altar to those dogmas.

Thomas Sowell is still the most articulate intellectual in America. This article is the best one yet on the idiocy currently before the court. Liberal newspapers all over America are going beserk over the possibility that "diversity" is about to be challenged.

This hysteria is typical of the current situation in Bertie County North Carolina, where a school system that is overwhelmingly black is being harrassed by the justice department for not assigning children properly to achieve "diversity" in the classrrom. What is the problem? Well one grade in one school is composed of around 75 children in 3 classes, but only 5 white children. These white children were assigned as 2 in one class and 3 in another. That left one class with no white children.

Racism shouts the justice department. There is 1 totally black class and that is racism. Take one of these white children and put "it" in that class so no class is totally black. I call the child "it" since it is so obvious that the justice department does not see the child as human, but only a statistic. The child is an "it" to our modern government tyrants.

This situation is being used to allow the justice department to hold open the ongoing descrimination case against Bertie County by the federal government. Just last year this county was forced to close two majortiy black schools because the justice department insisted that they discriminated against blacks by not having "enough" integration. As noted, both schools were already majority black, but now the children are being bussed to other schools so that the percentage of blacks meets department of justice wishes. Let me say again, both schools were majority black.

Insanity. Welcome to the "rule of judges".


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