Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fitzgerald: O.K., Libby Wasn’t Convicted of Leaking
— But Punish Him As If He Had Been

by Byron York - May 29th, 2007 - National Review Online

With sentencing next week, the prosecutor tries to up the ante.

During the perjury and obstruction trial of Lewis Libby, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald never charged, and never presented evidence, that Libby illegally disclosed the name of a covert CIA agent. But now, Fitzgerald wants Libby to be sentenced as if he had been guilty of that crime.


“Because the investigation defendant was convicted of endeavoring to obstruct focused on violations of the IIPA and the Espionage Act,” Fitzgerald continues, “the court must calculate defendant’s offense level by reference to the guidelines applicable to such violations.”

Since this entire case proves that there is no justice in our American courts, I supposed trying to get a man sentenced for a crime he was never even charged with makes sense to Fitzgerald. After all, Nifong proved that prosecutors cannnot differentiate between what they want to believe happened and what actually happened.

The defense presented by Libby's lawyers was equally bizarre, as they claimed that Libby was being scapegoated by the Whitehouse for a crime the Whitehouse did not commit. Such a defense is typical in our current court system. It is a system where lawyers recognize by their very actions and strategies the corrupt nature of the system. They don't believe that justice is possible based on truth and they prove it by such bizarre claims as those put forth by Libby's lawyers. Truth has no place in our current system. It is replaced by convoluted strategies and arguments that no one can follow. That is the reason the average American has so much difficulty understanding what is happening. It makes no sense.

Our system is a joke and a farce. That does not mean it is not corrupt and evil.


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