Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adams v. UNCW

by Mike Adams - April 10th, 2007 - Townhall.com

On Monday, my attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund (www.telladf.org) filed a federal civil rights suit on my behalf against the University of North Carolina - Wilmington. The two main aspects of the case are a First Amendment Claim and a claim for religious discrimination under Title VII. Below I offer a brief explanation of both aspects of the case.

First Amendment Retaliation. Simply put, the university has taken multiple actions against me after they became aware that I was no longer atheist and liberal but instead Christian and conservative.


Title VII. Throughout my career, I was given both clear and consistent advice on the standards required for promotion to both associate and full professor. That pattern of clear and consistent feedback was broken in 2004. I met the standards articulated to me. In fact, I exceeded them. Nonetheless, when I applied for full professor in 2006, I was subjected to a new set of standards that were higher than those applied to previous candidates.

I am intrigued by Mike Adams and his expectations that he can get justice in an American Court. He is certainly correct in his interpretation that the liberal bigots that run our colleges and universities apply a double standard. They exclude anyone from their ranks who does not kowtow to their liberal dogma. It is so obvious that anyone with half a brain could see it. However no judge will permit himself to see it. The outcome of this court case is highly unlikely to include any reasonable form of justice for Mike.

However the case will not be decided quickly. The standard practice of our courts is multi-year cases that drag on interminably. The premise that "justice delayed is justice denied" has been abandoned by the tyrannical bigots who run our courts. Our system is designed to assure that anyone with deep pockets can buy "justice". The only exception is when that purchase would be in conflict with the liberal dogma that teaches our courts must be the superior branch of government and dispense "socialism" based justice to balance free enterprise. Another factor is the money gouging expectation that the longer a case drags on the more the courts can assure that lawyer fees are run up to obscene levels. The preceding does not suggest any positive outcome for Mike Adams.

The reality is that the current situation in our colleges is de facto political persecution and exploitation by the democrat party. There is a war against Christians. There is a war against Republicans and Conservatives. The liberal minions of the democrat party deny equality under the law to any Republican or Conservative. The persecution is blatant, obvious, illegal, unconstitutional, and unless some strange alignment of powers occurs, irreversible. It constitutes one of the most egregious abuses of power any nation has ever tolerated. It is hypocrisy of the worst sort to try and pretend it is not done knowingly to deny jobs and tenure to anyone who violates the political norms of the liberal-democrats who control our colleges and our courts.

There is no recourse though because there is no justice in America. The courts are corrupt.

That said, I wish Mike well. He is a very decent man and I absolutely love his optimism.

You can read the initial pleading for Mike's case here.


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