Saturday, March 03, 2007

God Save The United States
And This Honorable Court

by Jay Sekulow - March 3rd, 2007 -

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Supreme Court has an important opportunity to put an end to federal taxpayer lawsuits by church-state separationists that is long overdue.

The level of corruption in our court system is significantly increased by the hypocrisy described here. Laywers in the legislatures pass legal permission for the taxpayers to be required to support lawsuits against our government that the majority of the nation opposes. Sometimes the lawyers don't even pass it. The judges simply deem it a perogative of this third branch of government. This is democracy?

What this does is support the ability of judges to write laws that are opposed by our citizens, while steering huge legal fees to favored socialist and progressive lawyers that could never get elected to the legislatures to get these same laws passed. It is the basis behind the reality that "the rule of law" has long since been replaced by "the rule of judges". Our courts are corrupt.


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