Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Creating Parents With A Judicial Magic Wand

by Chuck Colson - February 27th, 2007 - Townhall.com

Isabella Miller-Jenkins is only four years old, but she is at the center of one of the most important legal battles of our time. A judge will soon decide whether a woman with no biological or adoptive ties to Isabella can legally be declared her mother.

It sounds incredible, but it is the logical result of where our anything-goes society has been leading us all these years.

As the Washington Post reports, Isabella was conceived via artificial insemination while her mother, Lisa Miller, was in a same-sex civil union with Janet Jenkins. But later the civil union fell apart. Lisa took Isabella and left Vermont for Virginia. She also returned to the Christian faith of her childhood and became "determined to 'leave the [lesbian] lifestyle'." That meant that she no longer considered Janet to be Isabella’s parent.

But in our reckless pursuit of getting whatever we want at all costs, our nation has begun interpreting the law in a way that reinforces all the fictions that Lisa Miller no longer believes.

Our courts bend over backward to find ways to interpret laws so that justice (as religious believers see it) is denied to our citizens and the amoral beliefs of atheists shall prevail. They call this "the rule of judges". This ruling is typical of the abuse of logic practiced where parenthood is concerned.

As an example of the injustice that is normal in our courts, consider the case of a faithless wife. She conceives a child by a lover, while still having sex with her husband. Her pregnancy is thus an insult to her husband as she has cuckolded him even though he doesn't know it. Later when she divorces him he discovers that the child is not his. The courts have ruled that he is still the parent for child support purposes but frequently not the parent for custody purposes.

The real father can claim his custody rights, but is not required to pay child support in most circumstances. Don't believe it? Just check into some of the ridiculous court rulings our judiciary has created . . . rulings which have been affirmed by the supreme court.

There is no justice in America. The courts are corrupt.


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