Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Detainees Can't Challenge Cases

by Matt Apuzzo - February 20th, 2007 - Associated Press (Breitbart.com)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Guantanamo Bay detainees may not challenge their detention in U.S. courts, a federal appeals court said Tuesday in a ruling upholding a key provision of a law at the center of President Bush's anti- terrorism plan.

The problem is that this small victory for common sense will probably not prevail when it gets in front of the tyrannical power mongers on the Supreme Court. Even with two new members appointed by Bush, the court balance still leans toward the socialists view that the court must embrace politically correct non-sense and ignore safety and concern for our survival.

The rule of judges is most likely the long term decision as this reasonable decision gets over-turned.


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