Monday, July 23, 2007

The Sky's Still Up There

by Jan Crawford Greenburg - July 20th, 2007 - ABC News

. . . it’s been outright baffling to listen to some conservatives try to argue the Court didn’t do all that much.


As strange as some of the conservative reaction may be, though, it’s the outrage on the Left that’s most striking.


Thai flatly declares that “in one questionable decision after another,” the Court this term “made it dramatically more difficult, if not impossible, for ordinary Americans to have their day in court.”

Difficult, if not impossible, for ordinary Americans to have their day in court? With apologies to Justice Scalia, this assertion cannot be taken seriously.

This is a well written and fairly balanced assessment of the cases decided this year by our unelected tyrants on the SCOTUS (Superme Court of the United States). However I think Ms. Greenburg missed the point of the left's screeching attacks. She seems flabbergasted how the left can go balistic on cases where the vote was 8-1 and 7-2. She assumes the leftists who are getting so exercised at the court are concerned with how the conservatives voted. In reality this exaggerated reaction is intended to intimidate the leftist judges who are not voting as the left expects them.

The intimidation of their own practice is typical of the left. Any black person who considers voting for a Republican is publicly denouced as an uncle tom, oreo and often much worse. It will be angry, public and outrageous. The reason is to keep people in line. The left has long since abandoned any pretense to logic. The neo-conservative democrats who were run out of the Democrat party correctly identified that the left wing anti-American foreign policy was wrong. It did not matter. If anything the left is more incensed at a true believer who dares to stray even a little than those on the right who they assume will be wrong all the time.

What Ms Greenburg's article does point out is how political the court has become. Nothing is decided by the "rule of law". Everything today is about "the rule of judges". The left plans they will be liberals. Even the smallest move towards the "rule of law" gets irrational condemnation.


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