Friday, March 14, 2008

Bush's Conservatism To Live Long In The U.S. Courts

by Joan Biskupic - March 14th, 2008 - USA Today

Within weeks of George W. Bush's inauguration, he revealed a systematic, aggressive and tightly controlled approach to making lifetime appointments to the federal bench.

The new president ejected the American Bar Association from the screening process, ending its half-century role of reviewing candidates' credentials before a nomination.

The American Couts are as corrupt and, by any objective evaluation, politicized as the courts of any nation in the world. That evaluation is not judging us by the standards of democracies, but includes the nation's dictatorships. The ideological movement to return our courts to respect for "the rule of law" is a moral endeavor. The continued insistence by liberals that they will win by democratic vote what they can, and where the people will not enact their agenda by vote, they will get it through the back door by judges ignoring the will of the people and inventing Constitutional rights.

Their is no Constitutional right to abortion. This gross abuse of the concept of Constitutional rights must end. It does not matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, it is obscene to try and pretend there is a right to "partial birth abortion" enuciated in the words of our Constitution. With this one abuse, the liberals and their willing corrupt justices have forever proved their arrogant disdain for the democratically elected legislative and executive branches of our nation.

Reagan and Bush have worked to undo the previous political agenda of liberals who took over the courts in earlier years. When an insitution has already been politicized, it is a joke to scream that trying to undo that corruption is political. That is the current practice of liberals.


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