Friday, May 30, 2008

Board (Of Education) Attorney Responds

by Jennipher Dickens - May 28, 2008 - Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

According to Waller, school officials have concerns as to the appropriateness of Judge Lewis' action.

"The board has concerns as to whether or not this has merit... there is an avenue for the judge to issue subpoenas, but in these circumstances the board has asked me to look into whether or not they were meritorious," Waller noted.

She continued, "Another concern is that he (Lewis) called them into another chamber aside from where court was taking place and said that he would continue to issue subpoenas until he was satisfied the concerns were met as to a change in policy. At this point we're trying to gather more information to find out exactly what his concerns are."

Waller further remarked that charges being brought against students in the school system is not the responsibility of the school administrators.

"To the extent that cases are brought (to court), the DA has the authority to dismiss any action, so to the extent that there are lots of cases going before any particular court, the DA makes the decision to bring those cases and has the ability to dismiss any case in which charges are brought," she noted.

Waller added, "Once the charges are brought in a decision by the sheriff, the DA has the authority to determine whether they're going to dismiss those charges... not the school board. I don't know why the charges are brought and I don't know statistics as compared to other counties but we can certainly find that out and we will be looking into that."

Several court officials have also reportedly questioned whether a judge should have the authority to subpoena elected officials and school administrators to court for the purpose of a lecture.

The actions of this judge were an incredible abuse of judicial authority. The only question is whether his abuse will be dealt with, or whether it will be covered up. I am outraged at the attitude of a couple of the people involved in the court system who said of this judge, "He can do anything that he wants. In our system, Judges are all powerful."

I don't think most citizens want to believe this. If true, we need to bring down some of these people to create a little more humility. Bringing down this judge, Rob Lewis, would be a good start.


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