Monday, May 26, 2008

Judge Berates School Officials

by Jennipher Dickens - May 26th, 2008 - Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

In a highly unusual move, the entire Bertie County Board of Education and the superintendent of schools were summoned to appear in court here Thursday.


"I'm sure the school board members have the best interests of children at heart, so I just wanted to make them aware of the problem," Lewis noted.

He continued, "I hope we'll be able to continue to work together... I'm just so frustrated by the amount of kids we have coming through the court system in Bertie County."

This is not about cursing on a bus. The Judge is lying when he tries to claim it is. The gang members who were arrested and who were being tried when he issued subpoenas to the school system officials . . . had guns, as proven by the fact that one fired his weapon. That is what the currrent case is about.

As you can see from the comments made by this Judge during the hearing (reported in the article below), this Judge is not trying to "work together" and ordering the officials into court by issuing subpoenas was not an appropriate way to make them "aware of the problem". It was typical judicial power, more and more common in our current court system. It is based on the idea of "the rule of judges".

This Judge is telling the school system officials that he demands they do as he says. His action of issuing subpoenas was an absolutely unbelievable abuse of judicial power. This Judge does not run the school system nor even determine how kids are to be disciplined if they have not committed crimes. Since he is not a federal Judge, he cannot even influence the numerous stupid court decisions that have made it almost impossible for teacher's to maintain discipline. Those rulings are all federal court rulings. All Judge Lewis seems capable of is the kind of childish humiliation he practiced Thursday, ordering Bertie children to parade around Windsor streets carrying signs that say "DON'T I LOOK STUPID".

As far as I am concerned, the only one who looks stupid in this whole incident is Judge Rob Lewis. Stupid and demagogic at the same time. In both his actions, the punishment leveled to the kids and the subpoenas issued to the school officials, Lewis is trying to humiliate others. There is nothing about either which indicates he has the temperament to be a Judge.


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