Friday, April 25, 2008

The Millionaire Ruse

Editorial - April 23rd, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

The notion that wealthy candidates can buy their way into political office has taken a beating this year – just ask Mitt Romney. But Jack Davis, a rich Democrat who twice tried and failed to unseat Congressman Tom Reynolds in upstate New York, probably knows better than most that personal wealth can't buy you a seat in Congress.

The most valuable contribution to assessment of this law is for more writers to join the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal in referring to this law as a "farce".

It is encouraging that the questioning of the laws proponents was so hostile by at least 5 of the Supreme Court judicial tyrants. Maybe we will get some sanity. However the rule of judges does not bode well for this when even John Roberts got seduced into letting the law stand the last time it was reviewed.

The current court requires if you are rich you can spend your own money to support yourself (an obvious endorsement of grandiouse egotists) but that you can not love America enough to support someone else with more than a minor conrtibution (because you are presumed to be corrupt if you do).

What if you are too young to run? Why can't a rich man who is young spend as much money backing someone else as he could spend for himself?

What if you are not a good public speaker? Why is a rich man who is inarticulate not able to back someone he finds noble and worthy for the betterment of our country with whatever of his wealth he feels is just?

The stupdity of this law, and the stupidity with which it is defended by Supreme Court Justices, make it clear. This law is a farce and its defense is a farce and the justices look like idiots every time they tie themsleves into knots trying to pretend this is not a blatant violation of free speech and is merely intended to protect incumbents.

Unable to pursue bribery charges where it is clear the campaign contribution is a bribe, the legislature and the courts have abandoned the Constitution to accomplish what they have not been able to accomplish with criminal prosecutions. It is damaging our nation in the process.


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