Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gay Marriage And The ... Courts

by William McGurn - November 25th, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

What people hold as a moral ideal, however, and what they will accept as a workable compromise are two different things. Left to their own devices, most Americans can work these differences out in politics much as they do in their everyday lives, as untidy as these solutions may be. Unfortunately, when the courts short-circuit this process, they do three things corrosive to our politics.

First, they act as dishonest referees ...

I personally think the writer should have stopped here. I am not sure anything more persuasive exists in his other two points, even though they are equally correct. The reality is that the rule of judges is subverting any respect for our courts. I despise our courts, our Judges and our lawyer dominated corrupt legislative bodies. Our Constitution has become a joke because separation of powers has become a joke. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example. the Constitution bars her from accepting the Secretary of State position. However just as the last time when a legislator was considered for a executive branch office, the prohibition will be ignored.

Since little else about our Constitution has any respect, why should anyone expect that separation of powers is held in any less contempt by the corrupt courts, judges and lawyers that now dominate our nation.


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