Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lobbyist Linked By Times To McCain Sues

by Dena Potter - December 30, 2008 - Associated Press

Keith Werhan, a constitutional law professor at Tulane University, said key to Iseman's case will be how the court defines her -- as a public figure or a private figure. Public figures have to meet a higher standard of proof, and show malice by a news outlet.

Werhan also said the Times could be protected if it accurately quoted McCain's former aides about their perceptions of his relationship with Iseman.

"If all those statements are true, then it seems to me the Times is not at fault for reporting that," Werhan said.

"It's essentially hard to win a defamation suit," Werhan added. "The idea is the First Amendment has its thumb on the press' side of scales."

The press is dominated by free enterprise and America hating Marxists. This political bias was not the original reason the injustice against our nation and its freedom based economic form became a matter of our common law. Today however it is a major factor in the dominance of liberal thought in our nations dialog on politics and economics.

The problem though is that the bias is driving our nation's press coverage into abuse of justice as a normal pattern. It does not matter whether Vicki L. Iseman was ever involved with John McCain or not. It also does not matter whether she ever did anything to become a public figure. Our corrupt courts will side with the press and permit her to be ruined. I personally doubt she has any chance at prevailing in this lawsuit. I have seen little that indicates our courts care about justice or resisting injustice.


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