Monday, January 12, 2009

Libby's Innocent

and the President Should Pardon Him

by Clarice Feldman - January 12, 2009 - American Thinker

Libby was convicted for his recollection of what a reporter told him -- a part of a phone call with reporter, Tim Russert, in which the prosecution maintained Plame was never mentioned.

The Prosecution first claimed that Libby lied about his Russert conversation to conceal his real source -- the Vice President -- for the information about Plame. This was what the Prosecutor, in his famous phrase, called "the cloud over the Vice President." But the uncontested evidence at trial -- evidence that even the Prosecution admitted to be true -- demolished this claim. Libby had told the investigators about his conversation with the Vice President from the very first time that he testified. In addition, uncontested evidence at trial showed that just after he spoke to Russert, Libby had a separate conversation in which he learned that the media was talking about Plame's CIA employment. So Libby had no need to make up anything about Russert. The only cloud over the vice-president's office was the one the prosecutor put there to cover for the absence of any rational case against Libby or Cheney.

Though this article is a political article about the case for a pardon and would not normally be something I post on this blog, the pardon is necessary because the case is a perfect example of the total evil of our current court system. That justifies it appearing here. An abusive and contemptible prosecutor tried to frame the Vice President of the United States. In anger at his failure to get Scooter Libby to support his frame, he turned around and framed Scooter Libby on the premise that he knowingly lied. Yet the basis for the lie was proved false.

Only a stupid and ignorant pack of pro Democrat partisans on the jury could convict this man. It stands as a perfect example of the total corruption of our court system and its voire dire packing of juries with biased people who will vote the way the judge wants them to vote. This was followed by judicial rulings that sabotaged the reasonable explanation of why no perjury was intended. Murderers are allowed to present gibberish arguments and their convictions are overturned if a judge denies them this ability. Here the judge rejected a rational defense. No one with a brain would have voted that Scooter Libby was a criminal if truth had prevailed.

Will George W. Bush pardon this man whose only crime is believing in his Presidency? That he has not yet pardoned Libby, or Ramos and Campeon will forever be a blight on George W. Bush's arrogance and indifference to justice.

Meanwhile " ... because the prosecution constructed a case so complex that even the jury and the judge couldn't remember important facts -- and because the prosecution got away with making unproven and false allegations about the harm allegedly done to Wilson's wife -- an innocent man was convicted ... "

Typical result in what is a totally corrupt court system.

Update: 1/20/09 - George W. Bush, as expected, left the conviction of Scooter Libby intact. If anyone ever again tells me about George W. Bush's loyalty, I will smash them in their face.


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