Saturday, May 02, 2009

He Fought The Tort Bar

... And Won

by Kimberley A. Strassel - May 2nd - Wall Street Journal

There were losses, some of which made Mr. Ulizio despair. "The first time we ever lost a case in trial, it was 2001. We tried it in Beaumont, Texas, and lost $7.5 million. . . . The judge sat there through the trial reading a newspaper. At one point an objection was made, the bailiff taps him on the shoulder and says 'judge, objection is being made.' He looks at our lawyer and says 'overruled.' The plaintiffs' lawyer raises his hand and says 'no, judge, it was me.' He says 'sustained' and goes back to reading the paper."

This article once again proves the point that there is no justice in America ... most of the time. The frightening lesson is that none of the lawyers who committed fraud have been punished. Nor any of the Judges who participated in the ongoing fraud.

For that you can thank the Supreme Tyrants, 9 arrogant and unconcerned power hungry thugs who run the most corrupt court system on earth. They murder nearly 20,000 innocent people each year. Tens of thousands more have their right to justice sabotaged by the "criminal" rights which guarantee the guilty walk free on technicalities.

This year these Supreme Tyrants are way too busy making sure that they get to extend "criminal" rights to terrorists who are determined to destroy America and behead our citizens. Our soldiers are being put into the position of our police, hand cuffed by ignorant rules designed for the express purpose of freeing the guilty.

Does anyone think these judges are embarrassed about running the most corrupt court system on earth?


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