Sunday, May 09, 2010

DNA Test Clears American Musician After 28 Years In Jail For Rape

by Giles Whittell - May 8th, 2010 - Times Online

“You’re going to have to bear with me,” the judge said. “I know you’re anxious.”

For a man wrongly convicted of rape almost 30 years ago, Raymond Towler did not look anxious. Perhaps it was because a few more minutes in custody made little difference after so long. Perhaps it was because he had a reasonable idea of what Judge Eileen Gallagher was about to say.

Several things about this article caught my eye. One is the long title. You almost don't have to read the article after you read the title. Two is the theme of the article, that only blacks experience injustice and go to jail. Three is the irony. The system that spends so much energy chasing perfect justice is more guilty than most of dispensing injustice.

How does a system that frees killers for an accidental mis-statement of the Miranda warning to a murderer who has been arrested a dozen times, heard it again and again and cannot possibly be in doubt as to his so-called "rights", keep accepting non-sensible "identifications" that the rest of the world has long recognized are incompetent?

Might I suggest that it is because our progressive judges don't care a whit for justice but are in search of greater judicial power?


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