Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Your Land Is Their Land

by Debra J. Saunders - August 2, 2005 - Washington Times

A letter on the front of what once was Revelli Tires in Oakland warns: "Eminent domain unfair. To learn all about the abuses of eminent domain, please go to www.castlecoalition.org. Educate yourself. Pay attention. You could be next."

John Revelli wrote the note after the city of Oakland evicted him July 1 from his own property -- and a business run by his family since 1949 -- so a private developer could build apartments on his land. It especially galls him, Mr. Revelli told me over the phone Tuesday, that while he has been forced from his livelihood for weeks, Oakland has done nothing with his property.

This article is one more among hundreds that show how engraged the American people are at the Kelo ruling. However it recommends one more useless response to an abuse of court power. It recommends that state legislatures pass laws to protect your property. This will not work.

The problem is that federal courts routinely strip such laws from the books, or gut the provisions so that they never accomplish what is intended. Federal judges do not care about state laws. Unelected federal judges with lifetime job security do not care about our nation or the wishes of any other branch of government. They have their judicial oligarchy and they do as they please.

The only solution is one that requires Americans to stop the problem where it occurs. The supreme court is the problem. So MASS IMPEACH all the justices that rule in favor of rulings like Kelo. They have violated their oath of office. What stronger grounds do you need to impeach someone? Write your legislator and say forget useless and meaningless pretenses about fixing the problem with useless laws. Impeach the judges.


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