Friday, July 07, 2006

Supremes Can't Shoot Straight

By Charles Krauthammer - July 7th, 2006 -
All rise: The Supreme Court has decreed a return to normality. A lovely idea, except that al-Qaeda has other ideas. The war does go on. One can sympathize with the court's desire for a Harding-like restoration to normalcy. But the robed eminences are premature. And even if they weren't, they really didn't have to issue a ruling this bad.

They declared illegal Bush's military tribunals for the likes of Salim Ahmed Hamdan, Osama bin Laden's driver and bodyguard. First, because they were not established in accordance with congressional authority. And second, because they violated the Geneva Conventions.

The first rationale is an odd but fixable misreading of congressional intent. The second is a grotesque and unfixable misreading of the Geneva Conventions.

Our courts continue to focus on their only real job, the acquisition of totalitarian power by men and women blinded by the corrupt consequences of their actions. The single worst aspect of our current court system is that judges who are arrogantly unconcerned with turning killers loose for trivial technical reasons, seem ready to destroy America for any actions that don't bow down to their power. Unfortunately these actions are not transgressions against anyone but these judicial tyrants. They are otherwise intelligent decisions to protect the American people. Why can't these judges see that? Actually I think they do. They simply cannot tolerate anything that is not within their power.

At some point we must destroy the current court system or it will destroy America.


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