Friday, July 27, 2007

Barletta Team Vows Appeal

by L.A. Tarone - July 27th 2007 - Hazeltine Standard Speaker

“The judge bent over backwards to find fault with the city,” [Kris Korbach, attorney for Hazeltine] said.

[Judge] Munley’s opinion that the ordinance upset a balance between illegal and legal immigration and that it might harm foreign relations are other examples of blatant activism, Kobach said.

“The judge is saying City Council should have considered how other countries felt before they acted,” Kobach said. “That’s a perfect example of activism.”

This Judge is proving the premise that this is not law, but Judicial power. He grants special privileges to the illegals that no citizen could ever expect to be granted to citizens. The very premise that some people are above the law is an insult to the concept of justice. How can these judges not see how obscene their arguments are? Talk about contempt of court.


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