Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jena Six

by Bill Calhoun - September 20th, 2007 - National Black Republican Association

. . . . since all of the state officials in Louisiana are Democrats, it should be a "slam-dunk" for black Democrats.

Democrat Kathleen Blanco is the Governor of Louisiana. Democrat Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu is the brother of the senior Democrat Senator from Louisiana, Senator Mary Landrieu. Any and all of these Democrat officials could put pressure on the district attorney to drop the frivolous charges against the Jena 6.

The 14th Amendment to our Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law for all citizens. Hanging nooses in the school courtyard is akin to screaming "fire" in a crowded theater, both deserve condemnation and punishment. Yet the white students were not prosecuted for the noose hanging, while the black students were prosecuted because they retaliated. This is not equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

Incredibly black Democrats, all Democrats for that matter, act like Jenna is the fault of the federal government and white society in general. They pretend it is not the fault of any Democrat though. This is akin to the Democrats of Louisiana blaming George W. Bush for their mishandling of hurricane Katrina.

No black Democrats ever complain about the characterization of black Republicans. Justice Clarence Thomas ("high tech lynching"), Lt. Governor Michael Steele (“Simple Sambo” with a pitch black face and big red lips), Secretary Condoleezza Rice (bare foot “ignorant mammy”), none of the racist insults to these accomplished Americans were a problem for any of the Democrats who repeated the accusations and laughed about them.

In the Jena Six WHITE DEMOCRATS practice the most insidious racism and Al Sharpton goes down and blames it on . . . . George W. Bush, white society in general and the Republicans.

The accusation of "racist" is a joke when it is nothing but a partisan insult. Our courts have waged war against black youth under the hypocritical label "war on drugs" for more than a generation. Major support for this pretend war comes from Democrats. Yet whenever it is condemned in the black community it is portrayed as a Republican issue and they are called racists. Democrats who support the war are never called racists.

A good article on the Jena issue is Mike Gallagher's article which you can read here. Gallagher says:

Why do so many people seem reluctant to condemn the act of hanging nooses from a so-called “white tree” in Jena, Louisiana? Is it because a race-baiter like Al Sharpton has joined with the thousands of protesters who have descended upon the tiny town?

If so, they’re allowing the well-deserved tarnished reputation of “Reverend Al” to cloud their judgment.

Good and decent people shouldn’t stand for white teenagers hanging nooses or burning crosses in order to intimidate and terrorize black people.

I don't think that "so many people" are actually reluctant to condemn this. It is just that the MSM makes sure that when Republicans do condemn it, no one hears it.

The problem is simple. Democrats have once again made this into a bash Republicans issue rather than an issue of how do we stop the use of our courts by District Attorneys to abuse the rights of anyone they decide to punish, even practicing racism within their choices. It was wrong when Nifong did it and the black community cheered. It is wrong here when the black community is outraged. I am flabergasted that in both cases the District Attorney was a Democrat and yet no one in the black community sees this as a component of the problem. Democrats can do no wrong and blacks vote for them without ever demanding accountability.

"Racist" is a partisan insult and no longer means anything when it only applies to Republicans. As noted above, it has become a joke. Just like our courts.


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