Friday, September 07, 2007

They Been Workin' On The Railroad

Editorial - September 7th, 2007 - Wilmington Star

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper is being asked to decide whether it might possibly be a crime for prosecutors and police to lie and cheat in order to convict the innocent.

The AG's spokesman says Cooper's been thinking about it for several days. These things take time.

Punish lawyers who abuse the rights of citizens? Of course there is not a question of whether it is corrupt and immoral and indecent to convict the innocent. Everyone knows that it is. The question is complicated and takes time because abuse of power by lawyers is standard procedure. Our courts are corrupt. Our Judges are corrupt. The rule of law has been abandoned for the rule of judges.

However what would be the consequence of letting people prosecute "court officials" for practicing what the court system is designed to do, allow Judges and lawyers to sell justice? Just because some of the people convicted are innocent does not mean that prosecutors should be held accountable. Attorney General Roy Cooper knows well the threat to our courts if guilty or not guilty had anything to do with innocence.


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