Friday, June 13, 2008

Kennedy Orders Suicide Pact

Editorial - June 13th, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

In a pair of 2006 laws – the Detainee Treatment Act and the Military Commissions Act – Congress and the President had worked out painstaking and good-faith rules for handling enemy combatants during wartime. These rules came in response to previous Supreme Court decisions demanding such procedural care, and they are the most extensive ever granted to prisoners of war.

Yet as Justice Antonin Scalia
notes in dissent, "Turns out" the same Justices "were just kidding." Mr. Kennedy now deems those efforts inadequate, based on only the most cursory analysis. As Chief Justice John Roberts makes clear in his dissent, the majority seems to dislike these procedures merely because a judge did not sanctify them. In their place, Justice Kennedy decrees that district court judges should derive their own ad hoc standards for judging habeas petitions. Make it up as you go!


Justice Jackson once famously observed that the Constitution is "not a suicide pact." About Anthony Kennedy's Constitution, we're not so sure.

The time has arrived when Americans must decide whether we can trust our own courts or whether the courts are enemies that must be destroyed.

It is absolutely clear that these Justices live in a bizarre universe where the courts are involved in every minor aspect of every citizen's life. With this ruling they demand the right to judge the appropriate conduct of each soldier on the battlefield. And they demand the right to defend the conduct of our enemies, granting everyone in the world the right of Habeas Corpus for the act of trying to kill an American. They want to protect our enemies and help them kill our soldiers.

When you protect and defend our enemies, you become an enemy. If our enemies are trying to kill us, we should have the right to kill our enemies, even the ones who merely protect the killers after the fact.

We now have 5 judicial tyrants who have made it clear . . . our enemies are their friends. We are at war and they have taken sides with our enemies. They should be impeached. I never thought I would reach this point. However our nation is coming apart. Rulings such as these are insane. No rational person could make up such idiocy. With this ruling I have reached the point where I believe we must consider civil war. A shooting war. And it must come soon before our nation is destroyed by those who hate us. Like this imbecile Justice Kennedy and his four traitorous companions.


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