Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama's Prosecutions By Proxy

by John R. Bolton -May 6th, 2009 - Washington Post

President Obama's passivity before the threatened foreign prosecution of Bush administration officials achieves by inaction what he fears doing directly. This may be smart politics within the Democratic Party, but it risks grave long-term damage to the United States. Ironically, it could also come back to bite future Obama administration alumni, including the president, for their current policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

What kind of nonsense is this? Does John Bolton seriously believe that Obama "fears doing directly" what he is clearly orchestrating? If he really believes this, then John Bolton is an idiot. I highly recommend that Bolton read Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", the bible from which Obama takes all of his guidance. Perhaps he would start to see the deceit being SUCCESSFULLY utilized by Obama to destroy his political opponents.

The person who really should be blamed for this is the inarticulate retard, George W. Bush. By letting the persecution of Scooter Libby proceed, he encouraged the liberals in their belief that conservatives would be too late in ever protecting the foot soldiers in Bush's administration. Bush was too stupid to see how corrupt our courts have become. He was an idiot then and an idiot now. It appears that Scooter Libby will not be the only person who will pay the price for Bush's naive ignorance about the viciousness of his opposition. Even now, his daddy is parading around with Bill Clinton and giving cover for the idea that Democrats are decent people.

If they are successful in persecuting these lawyers, I plan to switch sides and support the prosecution of George W. Bush. He destroyed our party and destroyed our nation. He could not have done more damage than if he planned it. Who knows. Maybe he did. In any event, I can honestly say, I wish him to be destroyed too.

The real problem is that our courts have not yet figured out that they are about to be co-opted into the socialist regime of Barack Obama. They are allowing Obama to rewrite bankruptcy law, even as they allowed for Scooter Libby to be persecuted for a political vendetta. They have extended Habeas Corpus to enemy troops on the battlefield. Their arrogant disregard for the rule of law under the "living Constitution" idiocy will ultimately be repaid by all patriots hating their guts. I have no more respect for the so-called conservative justices who are quietly allowing this corruption of our system to get worse than I do for the liberal practitioners who are leading the charge.

America is the loser, whether it ends in civil war or a socialist dictatorship.


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