Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Will She Do For An Encore?

by Paul Mirengoff - June 29, 2009 - Powerline

Short of writing "get whitey," It's difficult to imagine how Judge Sotomayor could have fouled up the Ricci case any more than she did. Let's count the ways.


Fourth, even the dissenting Justices blew off the reasoning of Sotomayor's panel in a footnote, and fashioned their own, different standard for deciding the case.

That seems to have been lost in most of the reporting on this issue. Sotomayor got it so wrong that all NINE justices disagree with how she decided this case. ALL NINE. It is not at all the way that it is being portrayed, that 4 agreed with her. ALL NINE agreed that Sotomayor got it wrong. The 5 to 4 ruling was on how to fix her mistakes, not whether she got it wrong.

Of course this is just one more example of how little justice there is in America today. Because it will not matter one iota how incompetent Sotomayor is. That by 7 to 1 Sotomayor has been overruled in cases of hers sent to the Supreme Court is lost in all the non sense being touted by her supporters. Sotomayor does not believe in "the rule of law". Sotomayor is one more advocate for the "rule of judges" philosophy that essentially says, court is all about politics and the liberal view can be implemented by unelected judges. That is the frightening fact of her selection by the Magic Marxist Messiah.


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