Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little More Judicial Activism, Please

by George Will - June 12th, 2009 - Investor's Business Daily

It is hard to tell if George Will is writing this article to criticize Obama or defend him in a backhanded manner. Certainly it makes anyone who loves America furious at George W. Bush's handling of last year's bailouts.

So President Bush's Treasury Department gave an "interpretation" of the law that ignored the unambiguous terms of the pertinent legislation, the history of its enactment and Treasury's own prior interpretations of it.

Once again conservatives have had their ability to protest government overreach gutted by an action of the 'compassionate communist' that is absolutely NOT conservative. Of course if you point that out you are denounced for BDS.

A bemused Paulson, who was present at the creation of Bailout Nation with TARP funds, said while still in office: "Even if you don't have the authorities — and frankly I didn't have the authorities for anything — if you take charge, people will follow."

Obama is simply following the precedent of George W. Bush in abusing executive power. Why are there so many conservatives who still defend this man whose only claims to conservatism were family values and national defense. On all other issues Bush was liberal, even tyrannical. Who cares if in personal relationships he was a "nice man", the complement which we are reminded of repeatedly by those who can find no stronger defense.

That said, Obama was delighted to use Bush's precedents to gut the balance of power in America. One sentence in the Court's failure to act is pertinent.

... as the court said in its order permitting completion of Chrysler's bankruptcy, its refusal to review what lower courts have authorized "is not a decision on the underlying legal issues" and pertains to "this case alone."

By the time these incompetent judges get around to doing anything, America will be a tyrannical dictatorship and they will be useless. Their one chance to stop this abuse of law has passed.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The point this ruling proves is the Supreme Court does not care a whit about justice. It cares about power. They just haven't figured out how to deal with Obama so that it empowers the courts. He has figured out how to defeat the courts though. Move fast. By the time the Supreme Tyrants figure out how to act, they will not be Supreme anything any more.


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