Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Victims' Families Angry
Over Vanessa Coleman's
Trial Verdict

by Emily Stroud - May 13th, 2010 - WBIR TV

Vanessa Coleman escaped the death penalty and life in prison. But a jury convicted her Thursday on 17 counts in a kidnapping, rape, and murder case.

The jury found Coleman not guilty of all of the counts related to victim Chris Newsom. Testimony at trial alleged she never saw Newsom.

The 17 convictions all relate to victim Channon Christian. The jury found Coleman facilitated her murder, rape, kidnapping, and theft of property.

Reading the lengthy verdict took almost an hour Thursday afternoon.

Vanessa Coleman's parents, Linda and Greg Coleman, intertwined their arms, held hands, and cried.

Coleman herself smiled at times.

"She was getting away with murder, she was pretty happy," Channon Christian's mother Deena Christian said. "But that doesn't make us happy about it."

There is no justice in America. The court's are a joke.

A mob of black's perpetrated one of the most gruesome and horrible crimes in our nation's history against this white couple, and only one of the defendants is getting the justice they deserve. It was brutal. As an example, Channon, while still alive, had bleach poured down her throat to purge the DNA evidence left by the gang of black men who forced her to repeatedly give them oral sex. This was one of the least gruesome of the pains inflicted on this poor young woman. It was savage and brutal. Finally she was placed in a garbage bag alive and forced to die of suffocation, alone and afraid. What was done to her boyfriend Chris is beyond the hideous acts performed by any sexual sadists of the last 40 years.

Yet the court system bent over backwards to give the defendants every conceivable break and treat them just like your standard everyday minor criminals. The victims were ignored. Their torture was ignored.

This was a crime of racial hatred by a black mob fueled by racist rage beyond belief. The courts agreed with the perpetrators and treated it as if the two victims were the white establishment and deserved what they got. This is a joke. This is an outrage. Justice was not served. In the corrupt courts of America today, it rarely is.


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