Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ninja Bureaucrats On The Loose

by Quin Hillyer - June 7th, 2010 - Washington Times

''The government," wrote 50-year-old Denise Simon, "is too big to fight." With those words, in a note to her 17-year-old son, Adam, she explained why she was committing suicide (via carbon monoxide) three days after 10 visibly armed IRS agents in bulletproof vests had stormed her home on Nov. 6, 2007, in search of evidence of tax evasion. Her 10-year-old daughter, Rachel, was there with Simon when the agents stormed in.

"I cannot live in terror of being accused of things I did not do," she wrote to Adam. To the rest of the world, in a separate suicide note, she wrote: "I am currently a danger to my children. I am bringing armed officers into their home. I am compelled to distance myself from them for their safety."

If anyone still cannot understand how a civilized nation such as Germany reached a point where its bureaucrats were actively complicit in killing innocent people in gas chambers, they need only look at the daily acts of American bureaucrats and their growing abuse against our citizens. This article is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our courts are corrupt and rule in violation of the law on a regular basis. Judges strip justice from victims on a daily basis by the suppression of accurate evidence for technical violations of their rules by bureaucrats who were not even present when the crimes were committed. The Miranda farce was used to free a murderer who was read his "rights" twice, but the judge was not happy with the way they were read. You would think that if the action was so contemptible that it justified freeing a murderer, the perpetrator of this violation would be jailed. Yet the reality is it is a farce. The judge knows it. NOTHING was done to the police officer. How does that represent intellectual balance? We are seeing a growing idiocy of our judiciary as they become complicit in the evil our nation is coming to represent.

The list of horror stories about innocent citizens incarcerated for trivial offenses in this article does not even include the tens of thousands whose lives have been destroyed over excessive and irrational sentences for trivial or non existent "crimes" in the war on drugs. How about the man whose car was seized in a "drug raid" because his daughter who was driving it gave a ride to a friend who had drugs on him that neither she nor her father were aware of? Today, our bureacrats are frequently the most evil of the criminals a citizen has to face.

Now comes the regime of Barack Obama and the growing criminalization of America is about to become a politicized reign of terror against our own citizens by the most arrogant and partisan President in our nation's hitory.


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