Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fed Agents Frustrated By
Judges’ Immigration Decisions

by Sara A. Carter - August 31st, 2010 - Washington Examiner

In March, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval — who had committed serious crimes in the United States since 1998 — stood before Florence, Ariz., Immigration Judge Bruce Taylor on a deportation hearing. That day the judge canceled his removal proceedings, allowing him to stay in the United States.

Four months later, Sandoval was arrested again on an outstanding warrant but was released. Three days after that release he led police on a 100 mph car chase. Then in August, in response to a 911 call from his family, he shot at Arizona deputies who came to his home. That night, he escaped.

Federal Judges have no accountability. As long as there is a political party that is intentionally subverting the Constitution, there is no willingness to allow their political decisions to be challenged through the normal impeachment process. As a direct result, our courts are out of control. Liberal, incompetent and even anti-American judges regularly make rulings that are simply insane from any perspective that follows the rule of law. However our judges no longer believe in the rule of law. They don't believe in the Constitution. They believe in "progressive" politics and protecting their political party's constituents. Illegal aliens have a massive lobby within the Democrat Party. As a direct result, the laws of our nation mean nothing.

Judges abuse their discretion to free criminals from foreign lands under the pretense of defending the constitutional rights of people who have no legal right to be here as described in a constitution they don't otherwise respect. In a just world they would be impeached, convicted and exiled from the nation whose laws they hold in such contempt.


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