Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Michigan Man’s 24th Lawsuit
Threatens Family Business

by Staff - December 2009 - Faces of Lawsuit Abuse

Richard & Dick Singer · Acra Cast, Inc. · Bay City, MI

In 2006, one the company’s neighbors – who had filed 23 previous lawsuits in the county – sued Acra Cast, the Singer family business. Acra Cast, with about 15 employees, is a small foundry, which designs and creates precision metal castings ranging from sculptures to machine parts. The plaintiff alleged that emissions from the foundry had contaminated his cars, his carpet, and the siding of his house.

Singer’s business has always been in full compliance with all environmental regulations. As the case proceeded, Singer learned that the plaintiff did not even own some of the cars for which he wanted compensation, and he had disposed of the carpets and cleaned the house siding before any evidence could be collected. From the samples they could collect, Singer explains that he and his lawyers eventually discovered that the gritty material on the plaintiff’s car could not have been caused by the wax burned at Acra Cast.

The web site where this article is posted is one of the most important sites on the Internet. It continuously exposes the American Court system for the corrupt hypocrisy it is. There is no protection for such frivolous lawsuits as the one described here because the courts want the legal fees that are extorted even when the final ruling proves the case was a joke.

In the last week, a case that (according to the Constitution) had to be tried in front of the Supreme Court as court of 'original jurisdiction' was allowed to be tried in front of a single federal district court judge. I am talking about the lawsuit by the ACLU and Attorney General Holder against the State of Arizona. Arizona is a state. The Constitution is clear. Trials involving states MUST be tried in the Supreme Court. Why does the Supreme Court do nothing about this?

Last year the bondholders of General Motors and Chrysler had their wealth seized and given to a politically favored union. Where was the Supreme Court? Why have they done nothing to fix this injustice?

The American court system is a complete sham. It has become a system of extortion and blackmail for lawyers, their corrupt clients and the corrupt judges who allow the injustice to continue. It is a left wing kangaroo court where favored constituencies destroy their enemies with illegal politically biased rulings that make a farce of the rule of law.

When will American citizens demand our court system be purged of these corrupt judges and returned to a system that embraces the rule of law?


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