Thursday, October 28, 2010

Impeaching Justice Roberts?

by Jason Mattera - October 26th, 2010 - Human Events

It’s come to this: Democrats are so desperate at trying to mobilize the left wing of their base to prevent an electoral bloodbath next week that one congressman is actually promising to impeach Justice John Roberts from the Supreme Court. Why? Because Roberts allegedly “perjured” himself in the Citizens United case when he, along with four of his colleagues, struck down portions of campaign finance law as unconstitutional. You see, Roberts wasn’t acting as an objective “umpire,” but as an activist, flippantly overturning precedent to quench his conservative worldview.

Why are conservatives so outraged that anyone would think of impeaching a Supreme Court justice to assure victory in the ongoing political war for our nation's future? The courts have been corrupt for generations and have sabotaged respect for Constitutional Law and Individual Freedom on many occasions. Why then are conservatives shocked at the idea of judges being impeached?

I love the idea. I personally think that the greatest way to get our country back is to end the insanity of a single judge having the power to issue an injunction against the will of the people as expressed in the laws our legislature has passed. I want those people impeached.

I want mass impeachment the next time the Supreme Court destroys our Constitution by ruling based on international law. Get rid of everyone who supported the ruling in one big event. I want conservatives and libertarians to wake up to the reality that our courts have no respect for 'the rule of law'. Today we have 'the rule of judges'. I may disagree with which judges to impeach but I absolutely embrace the idea that it is time to start impeaching judges. I want to impeach all that think their rulings are the last word and that the Constitution is a 'living document' they can subvert.

Stop being outraged at the idea itself. Respond instead with a gleeful, "Yes lets impeach some judges. I have a long list!"


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