Wednesday, February 23, 2011

High Court Passes Up
Ten Commandments Return

by Lee Ross - February 22nd, 2011 - Fox News

Deciding not to revisit a controversial decision from 2005, the Supreme Court announced Tuesday it will not give another look at the attempt by local officials in Kentucky to hang a copy of the Ten Commandments inside their county courthouse.

The decision to bypass the case is a defeat for those who feel the document is of such great moral importance that a framed copy must be placed in the McCreary County Courthouse. Equally, it is a victory for those opposed to the placement of an inherently religious document in the public space, especially the ACLU.

In reality the decision is a blatantly religious ruling by those who worship Atheism. Atheism has become a religion. It is waging war against Christianity with all the religious fervor practiced by Islam when it too attempted to wipe Christianity from the face of our planet. At this point, those who are too stupid to understand the dogmatic religious persecution of one religion by another are pretending that this is a war between the evil Christians and the morally superior Atheists. Such an ignorant position will not long prevail when Atheists use the power they are gaining to force their views on others.


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