Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He’s The Jurist Defendants Covet
— Judge ‘Let Me Go’

by Andrea Estes and Scott Allen - April 17th, 2011 - Boston Globe

It looked like Carl Lemon would be going back to jail for the 20th time. Saddled with a 25-year record of shoplifting, drug dealing, and assorted other crimes, not to mention eight aliases, Lemon had made it easy for prosecutors. He even signed a confession saying that he had stolen a woman’s purse while she ate in a Back Bay restaurant. A second victim, whose bag he also snatched, had driven overnight from Canada to testify against him.

But, as the two victims watched in disbelief, the judge set Lemon free, saying that the career criminal, then 43, needed a detox program, not jail time. When the detective who arrested Lemon rolled his eyes and muttered that the decision was a disgrace, Judge Raymond G. Dougan Jr. had court officers lock him up for the morning instead.

“I thought someone was going to jail that day; I just didn’t think it would be me,’’ recalled Detective Andrew Gambon.

There is little recourse for any victim whose rights are so brutally treated by a progressive un-American Democrat judge. Our judiciary has become rampant with a disease that destroys justice. That disease is the arrogance that perfect justice is the goal. In search of that judges reduce complex problems and a balance between victims and criminals to a simplistic defense of the most evil elements of society. After all, the judges say. It is not their fault. Entering each case with the belief that crime is the fault of society, the search for perfect justice means victims become mere pawns in the brutal injustice that has turned our society into a criminal's heaven.


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