Friday, June 17, 2011

Bellevue Family
Sues FBI Over
'Terrifying' Raid

by Brian Bowling - June 16th, 2011 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The lasting impact of the raid on Gary Adams' home became clear in a comment from his 3-year-old granddaughter during a recent trip to the pharmacy.

"She said, 'Granddad. Police. Hide,' " Adams, 57, of Bellevue recalled Wednesday while discussing the federal lawsuit he filed against the officers who burst into his home March 3.

Led by FBI Special Agent Karen Springmeyer, about a dozen officers used a battering ram to enter Adams' rented Orchard Street home in a search for Sondra Hunter, then 35. But Hunter hadn't lived at that address for almost two years, while Adams and his family had been living there for more than a year...

The problem is that police are arrogantly indifferent to the consequences of such monumental screw-ups. They have that attitude because the Supreme Court of the United States is so incompetent. If these people were true criminals they would be able to destroy the police for any small infraction. However since they were innocent citizens, the Supreme Court could not care less about them. The Justices see their job as defending criminal rights, not enforcing justice. Citizens are just annoying side issues in our court system. If they die, they die. The Supreme Court could not care less.

That is proved by another recent situation where U.S. Marine veteran Jose Guerena was killed by a SWAT Team that broke into his house. His wife was on the phone with 911 thinking that it was a home invasion. Jose never removed the safety on his gun or pointed it at the SWAT Team but that did not stop them from shooting him 60 times and then letting him bleed to death for an hour without a single one of the officers doing anything to try and save him. Not one of these murderers tried to do anything to save his life.

America has become a totalitarian goon state at the behest of the judicial oligarchy that our Supreme Court tyrants have become.

There is nothing the Guerena family can do to punish his murderers. They are SWAT and thus immune from being held accountable for anything they do to private citizens. You have to be a criminal for the courts to care.


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