Wednesday, August 03, 2005

San Diego Seeks To Confiscate 'Little Italy' Property

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 -

SAN DIEGO — The Alsco Laundry in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood has been cleaning linens for the city's top hotels and restaurants for more than 50 years.


The city wants to move out the laundry service to make way for the [private deveopment] project, which also includes retail stores. But with 150 employees on its payroll and service to 3,000 area businesses, Scacco said the company doesn't want to move

This article says Tom McClintock wants to pass a state law to stop this. The problem with the reaction of people like Tom McClintock is his idiocy in believing that a federal judge will not overrule his new state law as soon as it is passed. What good does it do to pass laws correcting the corruption of a Supreme Court ruling when judges are indifferent if not hostile to anything that the legislature does? Or conversely, with the deference shown by federal judges to seizing property by local socialist governments the ability to claim that the location is blighted will be used as a pretense to ignore the new law. Either way the effort to pass a state law is a complete waste of time.

The question I keep asking, and which no one will answer is simple; when the courts already ignore the words of the Constitution and any law they disagree with, what use is there in passing new laws the courts can ignore? Someone needs to ask Tom McClintock this. His solution will not work.


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