Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Memo to Congress: Exercise Authority Over U.S. Citizenship

by Phyllis Schlafly - Oct 11, 2005 - Human Events (OnLine)
The statistics are shocking. At least 383,000 babies are born in the United States every year to illegal immigrants; that's 10 percent of all U.S. births and about 40 percent of indigent births.

The cost to U.S. taxpayers is tremendous because all those babies, called anchor babies, claim birthright citizenship. Their mothers and other relatives then sign up for a vast stream of taxpayer benefits.

At least 12 million people live in the United States illegally. In addition, smugglers operate a thriving business of bringing in pregnant women from all over the world just in time to give birth and claim citizenship and citizens' benefits.

Why does the United States allow this racket to continue? Congress has failed to do its duty to protect U.S. citizenship, sovereignty and taxpayers.

This issue is one of the most complex that our nation must deal with, because of the subtlety with which the judges have subverted the constitution. I recently met with someone who is planning to run for high government office. When I mentioned that the courts had specifically over ridden congress and granted citizenship against the constitution, he would not believe me. He is a lawyer, and yet he was completely wrong about how immigration law works in America. Is there any expectation that the average citizen could follow what is happening here when most lawyers don't get it?

We are about to lose our nation. Mexico is currently conducting the must sophiticated invasion of a foreign land that has ever been done. They reasonably expect that within a few years they will hold the balance of political power in our nation, based on the unwillingness of congress to do anything to stop the invasion. As each "anchor baby" gets citizenship based on the courts granting it, whole families whose loyalty is to Mexico are moving to America. Their hatred for gringos is a well documented reality.

They come for the free medical care, free education, welfare and a better job market. They do not learn our language, reject our culture, demand their rights and send their money back to Mexico (harming our economy in the process). Judges say that it is their right.

The bizarre legal argument that they are "subject to our laws" by being here illegally is an irrational twisting of logic. They have not voluntarily subjected themselves to our laws. They have subverted out laws. Under the logic of the leftist judges, an invading army is "subject to our laws" since we can make them obey if we have enough military and police power. These illegal aliens are "subject to our laws" only to the extent that we can police their actions by force of arms. To claim they are "subject to our laws" simply by being here, and this makes them legal, is simply insane.

Much of the confustion over this issue is also based on misunderstandings about Dual Nationality. Our own State Department actively promotes the legend that dual nationality does not harm our nation. It does. It is in fact a violation of the oath of citizenship that is taken by naturalized citizens. However once again, the courts have made it impossible to enforce the violations, and so those who subvert our nation do so while hiding under the legal protections that citizenship conveys.

There is a common saying of Mexicans who come to America; "My stomach may be in the USA, but my heart is in Mexico". Judges have granted these invaders rights based on the judiciary's own goal of subverting our representative democracy and establishing the supremacy of the courts over all government. We must stop them both.

Phyllis Schlafly suggests in this article that we should pass another law to stop the judges. I still think that a more effective solution would be to impeach some judges. Congress would be required to do either, but passing the law will be ignored by the courts, just as they ignore the Constitution. Impeaching the judges would be a quicker and more definitive act.


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