Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Justice Kennedy's New Rule of Law

By Jim Meyers and Phil Brennan - Sept. 13, 2005 - NewsMax.com

"Kennedy's embrace of foreign law may be among the most significant developments on the court in recent years – the single biggest factor behind his evolution from a reliable conservative into the likely successor to Sandra Day O'Connor as the court's swing vote."

The use of foreign and international laws in deciding Supreme Court decisions has outraged many present and former policymakers in Washington.

"Relying upon foreign law, particularly international covenants to which the United States is not a party, is an illegitimate source of interpretation for the Constitution," former Reagan administration Attorney General Edwin Meese told NewsMax.
This is a clear violation of the oath of office taken by all Supreme Court Justices. We do not swear in our judges by making them promise to uphold the constitution and such other judicial sources as you find personally appealing. The act of relying on foreign law is so blatantly a violation of their oath, that only an attorney would have the arrogance to argue that it is reasonable.

Justice Kennedy's New Rule of Law? They call it the "rule of judges".


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