Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dem Silence Is Deafening

By Michael Goodwin - August 14, 2005 - New York Daily News

This is an editorial commenting on the attack advertisement by NARAL condemning Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.
What Roberts did, as a lawyer in the first Bush administration, was argue that an 1871 Ku Klux Klan law being used to protect clinics did not apply. That was hardly a radical legal position, and Congress later passed a law specifically to protect clinics.

But facts don't matter to radicals. Under the logic of the smear linking Roberts to clinic bombers, any lawyer representing a murder suspect is guilty of murder.

Even in something as serious as the flaws with our legal system, occasionally you have to treat something with humor. This premise is one of those things! I love it. Even someone as opposed to our corrupt system as I would have a hard time arguing this as the solution to our nation's glut of lawyers.

But just for a moment let us contemplate if this new NARAL sponsored idea was adopted as law of the land. Would the possibility that lawyers who represented a killer could also be put to death ... increase or decrease support for the death penatly?


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