Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Left Is In Conflict With Faith And The Constitution

by David Limbaugh - August 9th, 2005 - Human Events Online

"Meet the Press" featured a debate between Professor Douglas Kmiec and former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo concerning whether Supreme Court nominees should be questioned about their religious beliefs.

Perceptive viewers of the debate could see that the real issue wasn't so much the nominees' religious beliefs but the proper role of the courts under the Constitution.

The belief that acceptance of legislating from the bench is a philosophy exclusively of the left has been repeated endlessly by those on the right. It certainly seems that on the issues they care about, it is more likely to be someone on the left who supports using judicial power to remove some issue from legislative control. The example in this article is amazing proof. Mario Cuomo cannot possibly believe that the courts are supposed to make law and yet he defends the practice as if it is totally acceptable. How can he not see the total abrogation of belief in democracy that such a position defines? He says he is a democrat. Does he not have any cognizance of what that means?

I personally prefer, until we have a legislature that is prepared to impeach judges for violating their oath of office and legislating from the bench, that conservative judges be confirmed since it is the easiest short term fix for a serious problem. I simply do not doubt that once conservatives had a serious majority on the Supreme Court they would legislate their own version of undefined "rights".

In addition, I still find it frustrating that the very idea of MASS IMPEACHMENT causes so many people to react as if you were talking about killing their children. What is the problem with taking a group of people, like the 5 justices that ruled in Kelo, and removing them all from office at one time? Don't you think that justices of both the left and right would think about the probability of that happening again and resist legislating from the bench?


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