Sunday, August 21, 2005

Court Ruling Doesn’t End Immigration Problem

By Paul Sylvain - Sunday, August 21, 2005 - Nashua Telegraph

Local governments (whose budgets are being destroyed by claims for public assistance by illegal aliens) are trying to enforce their local ordinances against these invaders to protect their citizens. This article documents the newest court plan to subvert representative democracy by stripping the right of local governments to defend their citizens.
Initially, the first man, cited in New Ipswich, pleaded guilty and was to have either paid a fine or turned himself in to federal immigration officials by week’s end for removal. All that changed when the Mexican government interceded and pushed for the charges to be thrown out.

Unless I’m missing something here, this man was here illegally, without documentation. How can he be considered “not guilty” of working and living in this country illegally? What legal right does he, and the millions of other undocumented – and therefore, illegal – aliens have to remain in this country?

The right for illegal aliens to stay in America is based on seizure of power by the courts, especially the supreme court. Though foreign affairs is supposed to be the responsbility of the executive branch, with advice and consent by the legislative, our judges have subverted this process with their usual tyranical arrogance.

Now, even local courts are starting to rule that NO ONE can interfere with their control of society. They have ruled (against the executive and legislative branches) that illegal aliens have all the rights of citizens. They have a right to welfare, medical care, in-state tuition, your job, and your children's future. Courts are making it clear they will tolerate no resistance to their power to tell you how to live.

The title to this article is itself bizarre. This ruling not only does not end the immigration problem. This ruling is the immigration problem. Court interference with representative democracy is the reason our nation is in trouble.


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